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The Oldest and Still Number One Independent Pharmacy in Thomasville

Guy’s Family Pharmacy has been serving the people of Thomasville for over 20 years, with one goal in mind, treat customers fairly and with respect.  Being an independently owned and operated pharmacy, we have greater flexibility to fine tune solutions to your needs.  We don’t simply fill your medication and send you on your way without so much as a thank you like at a chain pharmacy, we provide a one on one experience that is tailored to your situation and needs.

We are constantly striving to provide customers with the best possible experience and the highest quality medications, at the best price.  Often we have your prescription ready within 15 minutes, but don’t let our speed fool you, your RX goes through no less than 6 different quality assurance checkpoints during the fill process. Far and above the pharmacy industry average.

Our roots in the community run deep, allowing us to provide opportunities and conveniences that far exceed that of other pharmacy in the area. People don’t come here just because we have the lowest price on medications, or because we have specialty drugs that other stores don’t stock, but because they’re treated like family.

What Our Customers are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Guys family pharmacy continues to provide compassionate and quality service to all my patients in our community. Our ministry is blessed to have Guys pharmacy as a local partner. Their generosity has blessed the lives of thousands of people in our community clinic in Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua. Thanks for all you do for Thomasville and for others around the world.

Beatriz E. Juncadella, MD

Co-Founder of La Luz de Cristo Ministries, La Luz de Cristo Ministries

When I moved from wis to thomasville these guys where great with helping me get my kids there meds they needed. They r so nice and felt like I knew them all forever. Miss all of the great workers there wish they where here in wis

Tanya G.

My wife and I recommend this pharmacy to all of our family and friends. The prices are unbeatable and the folks who work there are fantastic.

Guy's Customer (RT)

via facebook.com

I am so glad that I was able to switch to Guy’s Family Pharmacy. When our old pharmacy closed several years ago, my family had been with them since I was a small child. Having to switch to a chain pharmacy was stressful, very uncaring and I felt like I was just a number to them. Then sweet Barbara told me to bring my insurance card and prescriptions to see if they would be covered thru Guy’s. Thankfully they were and this year I was able to switch Mothers prescriptions over to them. I now don’t dread calling in refills or feel uncomfortable when I need to ask a questions. The staff is great. They are beyond words. Thank you Thomasville Times for such a good write up on a local business. But most of all, thank you to Guy’s Family Pharmacy staff.

Amy S.

…you people have touched me, with how well you take care of my mom and dad. I’ve always went to (redacted) since my kids were born. When I switched to ya’ll I had no idea how wonderful a pharmacy could be, everyone says hi to me when I come in the door and that little girl at the front counter even remembers my name…

Guy's Customer (GF)

via a letter written to us

It’s a really good pharmacy in Thomasville, NC. I like them because they do a great job keeping up with my mom’s prescriptions and they’re very friendly. You get the personal experience there that you might not get at other stores.

A Google User

via our Google+ Page

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