Med Sync Program

Helping You Manage Your Prescriptions

Take control of your prescriptions with our medication synchronization program. With our Med Sync program, you can fill all of your monthly maintenance medications at the same time, on the same date each month.

The Med Sync Program increases medication adherence; non-adherent behaviors include:

1 in 2 missed a dose
1 in 3 forgot if they took the med
1 in 4 did not get their medication refilled on time
1 in 4 didn’t start a new RX at all

By filling your monthly prescriptions at the same time each month, this ensures that you:

  1. Never run our of medication
  2. Make on a single trip to the pharmacy each month
  3. Improves medication adherence

Stop by or call Guy’s Family Pharmacy today and enroll in our med sync program. We’ll work with you and your doctor to help you take control of your prescriptions!

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